“Wa-Shokuiku” online course

Beginning in September 2019




Are you a high school, home school or Japanese language teacher who is looking for a unique educational program for your students?

We are launching a new Japanese inspired food education online course and looking for 10 teachers/classes to participate to try out the limited free trial and give us feedback. 

About the online Course TRIAL

The online course consists of 6 units(*) which are designed to expose students to Japanese food culture and food ways in order to encourage US students to re-consider sustainable food choices in local and global contexts. Selected 10 teachers will gain full access to the online course for their students, held from Sep to Dec 2019. Teachers are required to help their students register, complete the course, and provide us with feedback. For the selected organizations, we plan to hold a webinar to explain more details.

*6 Units: Rice, B-class cuisine, Food from the Sea, Soy, Sweets and Bento. 


See “Classes“ to learn more about our program!

“Wa-Shokuiku” Online CURRICULUM: LESSON Image

Each student will receive a sign up link. Every 2 weeks, a new session will be released.

Unit Contents

Original Educational Video

Nutrition Lessons

Each session has 10 contents, including video and activities, plus additional resources and links for further studies.

Throughout the program students will learn about a myriad of Japanese ingredients, and their nutritional value

There are many fun video contents!


Each session has activities. Students can post comments and share photos and videos.

Food For Thought

Students learn about food issues and replicable actions they can take toward sustainable food strategies.

End of Unit Quizes

At the end of each session, students can take a quiz.

to apply

If you’re interested in participating in the limited free trial, sign up from the “APPLY NOW“ button below.